Football Is About To Get Much Safer

IMPACT Sports, LLC was born out of a strong desire to keep kids safe. Contact sports are under fire and, at times, rightfully so. Equipment technology is antiquated and unsafe in many cases. We're going to change that. Our design engineers, doctors and board have dedicated the time and resources to making sure you're kids are safer while playing sports. IMPACT Sports LLC is expanding the possibilities of safer sports for our kids.

How We Got Started

Drs. Josh and Gina Cleveland  Founders  IMPACT Sports, LLC

Drs. Josh and Gina Cleveland



It all started when...

In 2015, a young athlete came into our office following his 3rd concussion. He was 10 at the time. Headaches, dizziness, vomiting, visual issues, sleep issues, neck pain and vertigo were just a few of the symptoms he presented with.  We had seen enough.

Our children play contact sports and current technology isn't nearly  good enough. As a matter of fact, it's antiquated and DANGEROUS and some data suggests that current technology is contributing to the problem.  Can you imagine that? 

Out of necessity, IMPACT Sports, LLC was born. Our design engineers, packaging engineers, material engineers, prototype developers, injection molders, doctors and advisory board members have dedicated significant time and resources to developing a safer helmet and protecting youth athletes. We understand the mechanisms of injury and how we heal from trauma.  We understand how the body dissipates force (bio mechanically) and most importantly, we see these athletes on a daily basis.  We also know how to reduce the liklihood of concussions from the beginning.  

IMPACT Sports, LLC is going to change the way you see contact sports. You're not going to simply be buying a helmet from us!  You'll be buying a system that educates, empowers and protects your children.

Welcome to IMPACT Sports, LLC.  


Initial Impact Testing

As you may have read, we are currently in the rotational and drop testing phase.  The lab we chose  utilized the newest NOCSAE standards for our test(s).  This means they performed both drop testing and linear impact testing (pneumatic Ram testing) for linear and rotational force. These standards are not set for full implementation until November of 2018. This means that the helmets being used today may not have been tested in this fashion. 

First, the bad. Our helmets (two prototypes) cracked in the exact same place during both tests. We've identified the build deficiency and will correct that.  That's easy to do.  

The GREAT NEWS is that, despite testing the helmets after they fractured, we had some outstanding tests in both drop and pneumatic ram tests. Check out the initial findings. Results are measured in Severity Index.

Test                                 Competitor                       IMPACT CAL Blitz

Front Impact , 11 ft/sec       412                                    234 (F)

Rear Impact, 11 ft/sec           507                                   153 (F)

Right Side, 11 ft,sec               240                                   97 (F)- 1st Impact

Top, 11ft/sec                          707                                   85 (F)

Front Boss, 11ft/sec               669                                  140 (F)

Rear Boss, 11 ft/sec              not published             155 (F)


(F) denotes that helmet had fractured and was tested in this compromised state.  Despite the crack, the helmet STILL outperforms this Riddell Helmet.

* 11 ft/sec is first drop height; similar reductions were seen in second drop height.  3rd drop height resulted in failure of helmet due to early cracks in plastic.  


Initial Pneumatic RAM Testing showed:

                                      NOCSAE Standard                IMPACT CAL Blitz

Right Side                              1200 SI                                   362(F)- 1st Impact

Rear Boss NC                        1200 SI                                   379(F+)

Rear Boss CG                        1200 SI                                   724 (F+)

Rear                                         1200 SI                                 1224 (F+)

Front Boss                             1200 SI                                  279 (F+)

Random                                  1200 SI                                  691 (F+)

***Random test was forward flexion in "neck" (15 deg) with front impact.

****F, F+- All tests performed with cracks in same location. F+ denotes fracture size had increased.


Despite the strength issue in one location (with 3D printed Helmet) our geometry works! This first test told us where we are strong and where we are weak.  We will fix the design issue  and re-test our new prototype (s) with a few small modifications.

As you can see, Football Helmets CAN be safer as far as how they absorb force! 

Which helmet would you rather use for your children???

 (and.....were just getting warmed up!)