Expanding the Possibilities of Safer Sports for youth athletics

IMPACT Sports, LLC was born out of a strong desire to keep kids safe. Contact sports are under fire and, at times, rightfully so. Equipment technology is antiquated and unsafe in many cases. We're going to change that. Our design engineers, doctors and board have dedicated the time and resources to making sure you're kids are safer while playing sports. IMPACT Sports LLC is expanding the possibilities of safer sports for our kids.


                     The IMPACT Calvarum Blitz (TM) or Cal One.


introducing The patent-pending (and utility patent applied).....

Impact Calvarum Blitz (TM) or "Cal One"

our helmet is unlike any you have seen. modeled after the infant skull, the calvarum blitz redirects, yields and absorbs force simultaneously, slowing potentially damaging forces entering the skull.  By utilizing "mobile plate technology", we can reproduce the amazing force reducing properties inherent in the infant skull. 

The Blitz is comprised of multiple moveable sections joined by a flexible suture line. the geometry was tough to develop at first; manufacturing and tooling was even tougher.

how does it work?

We're always amazed at how our bodies are put together.  could one answer to the concussion epidemic lie in the anatomical relationship between the moveable plates of the skull and the spine? we think it does.... 

when a baby is being born, the plates of the skull superimpose each other to reduce the dimensions of the head during delivery. this biomechanical change also  protects the brain from too much pressure. the plates actually Yield (to force) in order to protect. Would it be possible to duplicate this, mechanically, and make a helmet that slowed forces by yielding and redirecting force?? the answer is YES!

We have combined very light, extremely strong and flexible thermoplastics  with very strong but flexible elastomers.  we are able to slow force entering the skull and reduce perceived force in the head.  Combine this with our patent pending one piece foam/elastomer insert and we have created an amazingly comfortable, heat dissipating, force attenuating helmet for youth, High school, collegiate and professional athletes alike.


Benefits to using the Impact Calvarum Blitz:

1)Lightweight- weighing under 3.5 lbs fully assembled. Not just the shell. really!

2)stronger-exceptionally strong thermoplastics that other manufacturers won't use due to cost.  Our goal is to protect youth athletes; not stakeholders profits.

3)Designed with the "inborn potential" in mind- There are no helmets that honor the inborn force-reducing ability of the human body as the calvarum blitz (TM).

4)Cost effective solution- you wont pay $1500.00, $950, $800 or even $500.00 for this technology. the "cal one" will be affordable for youth athletes (under $400) and associations to replace outdated technology. keeping youth athletes safe shouldn't break the bank. 

5) Widest "field of vision" on the market- the cal blitz boasts a peripheral visual field of 222 degrees!  Less rotation of the neck at impact means less force to the head and a reduced rate of neck and head injuries. This cannot be stressed enough: if you have to turn your head to see the impact coming, your neck is in a compromised position. we see this in sports injuries and automobile accidents as well as industrial trauma. The cal blitz helps to protect your "blind sides", so to speak.

6) Made in the USA!  The shell, the liner, the snaps.....all american made. ask riddell or schutt if they can say that.