Football Is About To Get Much Safer

IMPACT Sports, LLC was born out of a strong desire to keep kids safe. Contact sports are under fire and, at times, rightfully so. Equipment technology is antiquated and unsafe in many cases. We're going to change that. Our design engineers, doctors and board have dedicated the time and resources to making sure you're kids are safer while playing sports. IMPACT Sports LLC is expanding the possibilities of safer sports for our kids.

Welcome  to A Safer future for your kids


Welcome to IMPACT Sports, LLC.  We appreciate your time in reviewing our site.  

It all started a few years ago when we had a really great idea, inspired by the innate intelligence (Inborn, God Given) inside each of us.  For anybody who has invented anything, or brought a product to market, its a scary phase. Will  it work? Can we afford to move forward with this project? Can we satisfy our social mission (saving youth athletes!) by developing this product? Is it Manufacturable? Scalable? Desirable? Will it sell and will it make a difference?

As we pressed forward with our concept development, we met with many amazing individuals and companies that helped us organize our thoughts and procedures so we can effectively test the concept through manufacture, impact testing and revision.  This crazy idea has proved to be a manufacturable  and scalable concept that is  showing great promise in reducing force; both linear and rotational. The geometric complexity is different than any helmet on the market and as such has given us great joy and great pitfalls.....all assisting in pushing us forward.

 At this junction, our helmet  has been 3D printed, tested and, again,  showed great reductions in reducing linear as well as rotational force (understood to be the primary force vector associated with CTE, MTBI, TBI, etc) Forms are being made to make all prototype parts so we can "pour" and re-test our  helmet (non 3D printed parts) made of a solid/ homogeneous structure.  3D printing is essential for design revisions but definitely doesn't stand up to the high impact testing we did! 

 We will perform our next set of drop testing when completed.  We'll continue to make 3D models of revised parts so we can re-test and produce the safest helmet possible. We have an amazing design and prototype team that have quick turnaround times for maximizing our investors' dollars and getting this helmet to market as quickly as possible.

Our promise to you is simple: if we don't create a safer helmet for your kids, we won’t sell it. 



***We recognize that no helmet can stop concussions entirely. It IS possible to reduce them, educate the public on how to prevent them and make these sports safer. 

Welcome to IMPACT Sports, LLC.

Nature is the source of all knowledge. She has her own logic, her own laws, she has no effect without cause nor invention without necessity.
— Leonardo da Vinci