Football Is About To Get Much Safer

IMPACT Sports, LLC was born out of a strong desire to keep kids safe. Contact sports are under fire and, at times, rightfully so. Equipment technology is antiquated and unsafe in many cases. We're going to change that. Our design engineers, doctors and board have dedicated the time and resources to making sure you're kids are safer while playing sports. IMPACT Sports LLC is expanding the possibilities of safer sports for our kids.

Our Preliminary results

are in!


We had a great day!  Our helmet(s) BROKE!  I know that doesn't seem like the start to a great day, but we learned a lot about the geometrical complexity of our helmet, where we are strong and where we need work.  Go to our "How We Started" page and see some of the results from our testing. 

As we revise and re-test, we'll cont to post our findings! 



Our helmet, placed on a NOCSAE Headform for testing!

The headform is fitted with a triaxial accelerometer which measures the amount of force entering the headform.  The less force on the accelerometer means that, hopefully,  less force is perceived by the brain.